To the place where your pain is real, you’re not being dramatic and I’m not going to tell you to, “just think positive”.

In saying that, I do my best to keep my posts positive, uplifting and informative – in hopes to help you feel heard, inspired and motivated.

Hey Queen!

Thanks for checking in 🙂

I’m back from a pretty long break from the blog…it’s been a hell of a year!

During winter, my Endo symptoms and pain was worse than ever, and it was a struggle to say the least.

On top of not being taken seriously at the hospital and somewhat cut-off from pain killers, it’s safe to say I was in a pretty dark place.

Since then, I’m very happy to say I’ve come out of my deep, dark, shithole; my endo is A LOT more stable and I’m feeling surprisingly good.

I’ve implemented a few things that are helping to keep me stable, (check out the Part 2 videos below) and I hope to keep this momentum going, to tackle 2020 with a bang.

I’ve also started working on making the Remedies post easier to navigate, and plan to highlight one remedy each week in 2020 – complete with a little blog post, downloadable and podcast for each one.

I’m also in the process of compiling one hell of a complaint to the Health Minister, but that will be an ongoing project, (along with better-educating myself about Endo and all the things that come with it – stay in school kids)

On top of that, my habit trackers are almost finished – so you’ll have some free tools to help keep you mindful, motivated and empowered coming into the New Year!

So yeah….I’m sorry I went MIA, but I’m back and ready to help!

I’ve made some ‘update videos’ on YouTube if you’re interested in hearing more, and in the mean time – I’ll be trying to get a bunch of content lined up for you, ready for your New Year!

Part 1 is an update on what’s been happening
Part 2 is The Things That Helped Me
Dear Bondi Sands… is definitely worth the watch, (if you don’t have time – please, just start reading the ingredients on EVERYTHING – promise? K thanks.)
Part 3 is an update on all my blog/life plans for the New Year

Well, I hope that gives you a little insight into why I disappeared, and I hope you’ve taken something that can help you too! ❤

Thanks again for checking in and for all your support.
I’ve missed you and I’m glad to be back!

Get ready to be showered with entertaining content and some serious knowledge bombs!

Sending love, hugs, patience and pain-free days ❤

BB xx

Sorry for being a little short, just slightly overwhelmed with everything I want to achieve before the end of year – I feel like I need to make it up to you and I’m trying my best 🙂

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