Pretend Cooking Channel #1 – Smoothies

A few of my favourite smoothies that are super easy to make and packed with nutrients. Some may even aid in the treatment of Endometriosis and associated symptoms.

Well hey there Endo Queen!

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So, I think it’s soooooo annoying when you find a good recipe online, only to have to scroll for 5 minutes to actually find it.

So, I vow to always keep my recipes at the top, unless otherwise necessary.
I’ll also make sure I upload the recipes straight to Pinterest, so you won’t even have to read the blog if you don’t want to.

Before I begin, I think it’s important to mention I didn’t check all the referenced research articles to see exactly HOW MUCH of each ingredient you need to reap the full nutritional benefits.
As always, if you’re looking to supplement foods for a specific reason/benefit, it’s always best to speak to your doctor or naturopath beforehand.
I’ve kept the nutritional benefits pretty basic for this one to save on your reading time.
If you want to find out the “how/why” of anything, check out the references at the end.

What You’ll Need


Why Smoothies?

I often experience food aversion as one of my many Endometriosis Symptoms. Even when I don’t, I often experience pain in the mornings, (making it hard to work up an appetite).

Whether I’m having one as an appetiser, full breakfast or even a snack – smoothies are my go-to for a quick hit of nutrients and brain fuel.

I also like to plan ahead before my shark week by pre-making a few and keeping them in preserving jars in the fridge.
This way when I wake up in pain, I don’t have to worry about any heavy lifting, prep or mess to clean up.

To see some more ways I like to prepare for shark week, tune in next week for Dressing For Flare.

These smoothies are also really healthy and packed with things to help ease your Endometriosis symptoms. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Health Benefits


  • Make you smarter and happier! This is because they contain high levels of Trypotaphan, which then gets converted into serotonin in the brain (Happy hormone). They’re also high in potassium, which helps with brain function and memory (1).
  • Rich in Pectin and Fibre, it not only aids digestion, but helps to soothe the digestive tract AND helps your body get rid of heavy metals(1)
  • It coats the stomach lining, preventing acid damage and stomach ulcers(1) – (important if you’re taking meds without food regularly)
  • It’s also a PREbiotic and high in B-6, which helps to reduce muscle swelling and strengthen the nervous system(1)
  • And lastly, it can lower blood temperature during a fever/high temps(1)


  • Rich in Vitamin A(2), it helps fight acne by regulating the production of Keratin(3)
  • High in Manganese(2) , (and no, that’s not a typo for Magnesium, like I originally thought), which is an essential nutrient that does a whole range of fun stuff. To name a few, it assists with collagen production, thyroid health, brain function, metabolising nutrients and reducing PMS symptoms(4)
  • Providing a good dose of Iron, it’s also rich in Folate, vitamin K, Fibre and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits as well(2).

Coconut Water

There’s not a lot of health benefits in coconut water, and most shelved products contain a fair amount of sugar. A little goes a long way, so it’s great to add to smoothies for a bit of a sweet hit.


Or as my dad calls it, “Natures Liquid Gold”, has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as the ability to heal wounds and burns(5).


I wasn’t expecting a whole lot to pop up when I typed, “benefits of cinnamon” into Google search.
But whuddah ya know, this little brown powder sure knows how to spice things up! 😉
Packing potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, it may also prevent Neurodegenerative diseases (eg. Dementia) and Cancer, (research suggests it’s actually toxic to cancer cells)(6).

Maca Powder

Packed full of nutrients, this nutty-powder will have you up and ready to go in no time.
Improving your physical performance, energy, brain function and memory, you may also notice an increase in libido(7).

It can also help to ease menopause/Endometriosis/PMS symptoms, as well as regulate moods – particularly during shark week(7).


Besides being rich in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories, they’re also highly nutritious(8).

Berries are known to be high in fibre, as well as a variety of vitamins, including vitamin C & K(8).

Berries also contain resveratrol, (one of my top remedies) which may reduce endometriosis lesions. You can read more about this here. (LINK)

Soy Milk

Soybeans are highly nutritious and are packed with fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants as well as phytoestrogens(9).

Phytoestrogens are plant-based oestrogen, that can act the same as the oestrogen in our bodies.
The main difference between the oestrogen in your soy milk and the stuff already in your body – is the soy milk is much less powerful, (about 1,000 x less powerful)(9).

Normal milk (and almost any dairy product) usually contains a type of protein called A1 Casein. This stimulates histamine and inflammatory release and comes from a particular breed of cow, (Holstein)(10).

Switching to soy might be a good alternative if you’re noticing milk is causing flare-ups.


Most yogurts on the market are highly processed and contain ingredients like thickening and stabilising agents.

I like to get Jalna yogurt because it’s pot-set and doesn’t have any additives – so it contains a higher amount of probiotics.

If you’ve never had it before, you’ll notice liquid forms on top after you’ve opened it.
It’s completely safe to eat, but you can tip it down the sink if it turns you off.

It’s just a reaction that happens without the stabilising agents used in more processed yogurts. It doesn’t affect the flavour or consistency of the yogurt at all.

They also offer an organic biodynamic option (which means it’s organic all the way down to the dirt they use). It does have a slight sour taste though, so I prefer the Vanilla flavour for smoothies.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds were another one of my remedy recommendations and are actually considered a “superfood”.

Packed with protein, they’re also high in vitamin E and minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc, (to name a few)(11).

With the perfect balance of Omega 3 &6 fatty acids, they can help treat a variety of skin concerns(11).

They’re also an anti-inflammatory and can help ease PMS symptoms, which you can read more about in My Remedies.


Mango is highly nutritious, containing a good dose of vitamin C, as well as vitamins B6, B5, A, E, K(12).

It packs a good dose of Magnesium, Manganese, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin and Potassium(12).

Rich in antioxidants, it may also improve your skin, immunity, digestive health, heart health and lower your risk of some cancers(12).


Passionfruit is highly nutritious, rich in antioxidants, packed with fibre, vitamins A&C, and contain a bit of iron and potassium(13).

Passionfruit peels can even fight inflammation and are used in some supplements today(13).

Chia Seeds

Not only are chia seeds highly nutritious, but they may also help with chronic inflammation, (though some studies have failed to detect any changes)(14).

Packed with zinc, potassium and vitamins B’s, they also have an impressive dose of Magnesium, Manganese and Omega 3 fatty acids(14).

They don’t have much of a flavour either, so it’s a great one to incorporate into your diet if you need a bit of a nutritional boost.

If you’ve read this far, I hope your mouth is salivating and you’re ready to start blending!

When you do, be sure to tag me so I can see, or let me know how you go in the comments below.

Sending love, hugs and pain-free days ❤



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