Surgery Before and After Care (Beauty)

Hey Queen!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been booked in for your surgery! Firstly, congratulations and I hope it all goes well for you!

If you’ve never had a Laparoscopy before, and want to know a little more about what to expect – you can watch my Youtube episode on my Endo Surgery here

You should also check out my blog post on Surgery Recovery, which will help you prep for a stress-free recovery.

Now, time to glam!

First of all, you’re probably going to be a little anxious and nervous leading up to your date (rightfully so!). There’s a big chance this stress will show up on your skin, (much like it did for me).

So, I’ve made a quick list of tips to keep you feeling fresh & confident around your big day.


If you get acrylics, you’ll have to consider not getting infills close to your surgery date or leaving at least one finger bare on the day.

This isn’t strictly required, but it does make it easier for the surgical team to check your blood is circulating normally while you’re under. It will also prevent nail damage in the event they need to rip one off quickly.

If you want to see how I do my own glue-on nails, catch my episode on IGTV here


Try to focus on getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and really cutting down on smoking, (try your best stop completely if you can).

Try to get some sun each day and go for a slow 30-minute walk as often as you can.

Keeping the blood flowing and getting a bit of sun leading up to the big day will help you to look and feel glowing sooner rather than later.


Hospitals are always incredibly dry and cold from the air conditioning, so you’ll want to start moisturising daily prevent flaky skin.


There’s really no point doing a fake tan, as you’ll end up with patches from where they do the incisions and put tape on you (which is actually quite a lot when you’re under GA).
You can do some nice hydrating face and eye masks, but remember you won’t be the only sick looking-person going in for surgery!

I like the Skin Republic range, which you can get from Chemist Warehouse for around $8-$13
My favourites are the Youthfoil Sheet Mask and the 24k Gold Under Eye Patch(es) – which comes with two pairs. Both are $8.99 from Chemist Warehouse on 1/11/19.

One thing I’ve found that really helps my skin to stay hydrated is drinking rose water.
It’s pretty easy to make – you just need some rosewater and a dripper, which costs about $5 altogether and will last you months.

My rosewater recipe – I use 3-4 drops for a glass and 2-3 squirts of a dripper in a jug, (stir and taste as you go)


After surgery, you may experience pain lifting your arms from the gas stuck in your shoulders, so you’ll want to plan ahead as much as possible. 

Give your hair a good wash, treatment, blow dry and style (as you like). 
I braided my hair in two french braids so it wouldn’t matte or tangle for a few days and it came in handy. You could also straighten it or just do one french braid if you prefer.

Also, if you don’t like being hairy, it might be a good idea to invest in an epilator or get a wax. I recently purchased an epilator from Kmart and it works great, (it’s also rechargeable so you could take it with you in your hospital bag).
You can pick it up from “K-fart”, (as my mum calls it) for $25

Remove at least one fake nail if you can.

Drink a whole litre of coconut water or rosewater for extra hydration before your cut off time for fluids.


The day of, (woohoo!)
Put on a good coat of moisturiser and you’re good to go – good luck!

You’ll also want to make your bedroom a nice space to relax post-op. For even more tips for a relaxing recovery, don’t forget to check out my post on Surgery Recovery


While you recover, (and as soon as it’s comfortable) Go right ahead and do a pamper! 

Face masks are always an easy one to do, otherwise, do what you like! 
Just make sure you’re not getting any product in your wounds.

You may also want to pick up some dry shampoo to keep your hair looking and smelling fresh and pretty. I like the Hask range, which you can pick up from Chemist Warehouse for around $10.

However, when Brad Mondo (a famous hair dresser on YouTube) tested 28 drug store dry shampoos, he found the Hask range did tend to leave a mark on dark hair. 
I have dark roots and I’ve never noticed anything too crazy, but if you’re worried you can watch the full episode below to find one that’s right for you. 

Thanks again for checking in and I really do wish you all the best for you upcoming surgery! 

I hope this post has given you some tips for your big day and helps you feel fresh and confident.

Fingers crossed you wake up with the answer you’re hoping for, and a pain-free uterus to match!



If you try some of the beauty tips I recommended, don’t forget to tag me in your posts so I can share the love! ❤ 

Also, what are some of your favourite ways to stay pampered and prepare for a laporoscopy? Comment below if you think I’ve missed anything! 

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  1. Tilly says:

    I just had a lash lift and tint today so after I’ve had my op i feel cute as heck when i don’t feel well enough to do my makeup 🙂


    1. BB says:

      Best 👏🏼 Idea 👏🏼 Ever 👏🏼


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