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One thing I’ve learned with Endo, is that it’s definitely ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

It’s not all-that-uncommon for hormonal issues to arise with Endo. This can leave you with cycles and bleeding episodes that are more unpredictable than a monkey on crack.

I have a few different emergency packs that I like to keep prepared around the house. I’ve found these help me to feel a bit more confident and secure while I’m away, (and at home too).

I like to use clear or translucent makeup bags, this way I can keep everything organised and easily accessible.

I have to admit, the clear bags I was using before were all free/promotional bags, so they were a bit cheap, worn and tattered. So, I made sure I got some fancy new ones just for you 🙂 

 All the bags pictured below were purchased from, I’ve listed prices and links to all of them for you 🙂
If you’ve never shopped with them before, you can use my code for $20 off your first order >

I’ve also left a list of all the pain remedies I’ve mentioned, (with links and prices) at the bottom of the post.
For even more pain remedies, be sure to check out my Endo Remedies blog post here

At Home

At home, I like to keep all my Endo stuff prepared in my bottom bedside drawer. That way, if pains randomly start in the middle of the night – I don’t have to go very far.

I also like to keep all my medicine/pain treatments in a clear bag, so I can see inside and quickly access the things I need.

It not only makes it easy to get everything together, but it means its all in the one place. So, getting organised in a hurry won’t cause any extra pain, or mess.

In my drawer, I currently have:

  • My clear medicine bag, (pictured and detailed below)
  • A warm fluffy blanket
  • Some spare pads (I keep my main stash in the bathroom)
  • A small lunchbox-size bottle of water
  • Heat pack
  • Eye mask
  • Earbuds/headphones (to meditate on my phone)
  • Oils to help me stay relaxed 
  • All my scripts

Makeup Bag – SKINNYDIP, $26

My Handbag

I try to keep a spare pair of undies, a pad, tampon and a liner in the zip pocket of all my handbags. This usually only leaves my clear medicine bag to pack (pictured above).

Inside my medicine bag, you’ll find:

  • Tens machine
  • Pain meds
  • Tiger balm (this replaces carrying around my heat pack everywhere) 
  • Pain-Away roll-on
  • A small notepad and pen (to record when I take medication) 
  • Lip balm 
  • Hand lotion
  • Essential oils

Beach/Day Trip Pack

I like to keep this pack pretty simple, as I’m usually intending on it only being there for emergencies. 

I’ll keep a sheet of each of my pain killers/remedies, leaving all the boxes/bulky packaging at home to save space.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Tens machine (I take the whole case for extra protection)
  • Pain killers, (single sheet)
  • Pain-Away roll-on
  • Tiger balm
  • A notepad and pen, (to record the time if I need to take anything)

See-Thru Mermaid Pouch, SUNNYLIFE, $16.95 currently on sale at The Iconic for $8 (21/05/19)

Travel/Overnight Pack

My travel pack is very similar to my beach pack. 

It has a single dose of everything to save space, but, I’ll also take ALL my scripts with me in case I need more. 
I’ll also pack in a small zip pouch, with a clean pair of undies, spare pad and tampon inside. 

If you’re going somewhere far, or have a big trip ahead of you – you’ll want to keep this bag handy instead of at the bottom of the suitcase. 

This way, if worse comes to worst, you aren’t unloading everything you own on the street/in front of people. 

Femme Washbag, SKINNYDIP, $28 currently on sale at The Iconic for $14 (21/05/19)

Staying prepared and planning ahead can really make all the difference to your confidence. Especially when you’re out and about and the unthinkable happens! 

It’s important to pack items that make you feel good too, as this is probably when you’ll appreciate it the most. 
I like my oils, lip balms and hand creams to give me a boost of feeling fresh and confident.

I hope this has given you an extra tip or two on how to stay prepared for a flare! 

If I’ve missed something you like to keep handy, drop it in the comments below 🙂

❤ BBxx


The pain remedies I’ve mentioned/shown are listed below. 
Please note, I have used Chemist Warehouse as usual, as they have a price beat guarantee and offer Afterpay.
All prices were double-checked on 21/05/19

  • Panamax (paracetamol) – $0.69 (box of 100) from Chemist Warehouse

  • Ibuprofen – $6.99 (box 48) from Chemist Warehouse

  • Tiger balm – $8.49 from Chemist Warehouse

  • Pain Away Roll On – $11.49 from Chemist Warehouse

  • Ova Tens – $35.95 from Tenscare

I’m also GIVING AWAY an Ova tens machine on my Facebook Page! 

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