16 Habit Trackers For 2020 – Spoonie Edition

Hey Queen!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thanks for checking in, I hope you’ve been well and I hope you’re feeling excited for a new year 🙂 

*Little disclosure*
As I’m writing this, I’ve barely slept in 3 days so I could finish these.
Exhausted is an understatement.
This blog post is a bit short and not my best work, so I’ll update it as soon as the videos are done – after I’ve slept.

If you follow me on Instagram – I’d like to formally apologise for having to listen to me rant on about these habit trackers for so long.

I’ve used habit trackers in the past, and I really like them.
The one thing I didn’t like however, was having to re-create free versions from Pinterest because I couldn’t afford the excel version.

So, I decided to make some free ones myself 🙂

Now, I’ve made quite a few spreadsheets in my time, so I thought this whole thing would take me a few hours tops. 
Then, the more I worked on them, the more ideas I had – and this is how the never-ending story began.

I won’t bore you with the details, but basically – formatting these things so that you don’t have to, was a nightmare.

That, and my laptop is about 5 years old now so the more I worked on them, the more it lagged and by the end of it all, my computer is now running at the speed of Windows 98.

So, after 3 weeks of next-to-no-sleep, I’m excited to bring you16 habit trackers, all styled and dated for each month of 2020 – FOR FREE.

I know how expensive Endo and the spoonie life can be, so I want to do as much for free as I possibly can.

In saying that, if you can afford to, I’d greatly appreciate any contribution you can make, which you can do at https://ko-fi.com/bbsendo

Below, you’ll find yearly and monthly versions in PDF format.
I also have spreadsheet versions for MAC, but WordPress won’t let me upload them.

If you want the MAC versions, email me at bianca.bbsendo@gmail.com or HMU on  Instagram or Facebook and I’ll send them to you 😉

(I wanted to create Excel versions but my subscription has run out and I can’t afford to renew it right now. I’ll be sure to do an update as soon as I can)

You’ll also find both a plain version and one that’s completed by me, (see example below).

I’ll also be making a YouTube episode on ‘how to use them’ in the coming days, (your girl needs some sleep) along with a podcast episode on ‘being your own self advocate’.

If you’d like to be notified when these go live, don’t forget to subscribe to email notifications at the bottom of this page, (or on my YouTube channel).

In the mean time, I hope you have fun playing around with these and making them tailored to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on Instagram, Facebook or email at bianca.bbsendo@gmail.com.

I’ll be making an effort to go through my messages once a day at least until the videos are out, so I can answer any questions you have. 

Note: I’d recommend taking a look at one of the “January” versions first, so you can see what each individual tracker looks like.
I’ll be uploading the rest of the monthly versions throughout the year and sending them with my newsletters – which you can subscribe to at the bottom of this page.

Well, now that’s all over, I’m going to go finally have a long shower, properly clean my house and sleep for a day or two *insert sweating smiling emoji*.

I’ll see you soon with a fresh tutorial video and a podcast episode!

Sending love, hugs and pain-free days ❤

BB xx

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