My Vows

Because I started this blog with the hopes of inspiring others, I thought it would be a nice idea to make some “vows” to you.

Please know these aren’t things I’ve casually jotted down. These are things I’ve thought pretty hard about over the past few weeks.

If you think I’ve missed anything, please let me now! 

1. I vow to NEVER judge you

I am very well aware this disease affects everyone differently, and one flare can look completely different from the next.

I’m also aware of the many mental health issues that come with this disease.

So, know I won’t ever judge you on a bad day, assume you’re being rude or think I know more about your body than you do. 

2. I will treat anything and everything you tell me as confidential

Whether you contact me through Fb, Instagram or email, know that any conversation we have will be kept strictly confidential.

In the event you or I would like to share your story further, I’ll only ever proceed should I have your clearly expressed written consent.

3. I Vow to always be 100% raw, real and genuine – while being mindful of those struggling as well 

While I’m not about to start live-streaming my hormonal breakdowns; I’m also not going to whack on a huge smile and tell you everything’s hunky-dory if it’s not.

In saying that, I’ll never post anything that I think might bring you down either. 

When I’m in a bad mood I always try my best to find the funny side of things anyway, so you can come along to laugh at my pain with me. 

This disease can leave our symptoms all over the shop and I think it’s important to show how quickly it can go both downhill and UPHILL!

4. I’ll show you my naked….face 😉

One of the reasons I started the Instagram, was because I was spending so much time scrolling on social media, and yet – I almost never saw anyone who looked like me.

I wasn’t blaming anyone. I know I, myself wouldn’t be walkin’ around town with my crack-head-like, iron-deficient eye bags and acne scars. 

But I was comfortable doing it at home and with girls who I knew were in the same boat as me – so, I combined the two and wolah!

While I play around with lighting and filters (to keep a consistent feed), I’ll NEVER use photoshop or crazy beauty apps. I’ll also be adding at least one naked-faced, no-filter selfie on my stories each day. 

5. I’ll never recommend a product I haven’t tried and loved

I personally like a bit of shopping, and I really love shopping from Endo Queens with a side hustle. 

So I’ll probably be recommending a new product I‘m loving every now and then.

Know that any product I do recommend – I’ve tried, OR I’ll make it very clear that I haven’t.

6. I’ll try my best to get you discount codes on the ones I do

I know that as with any chronic illness, finances can be extra tight. 

Any time I recommend a product, I’ll always message a supplier or manufacturer to try and get you a discount.

When the weekly newsletter launches, each issue will have a list of all the discount codes I’ve collected for you as well.

7. I vow to give any treatment/therapy I try 110% of my effort, while keeping you in my thoughts to keep me motivated

Any treatment, therapy, remedy or ailment I try will be given my 110% effort.

I know this isn’t about me, and I’m prepared to do the work for a bigger group – and purpose!

8. I will practice what I preach

Setting boundaries, (listed below), following my remedies and prioritising my self-care are just some of the ways I will practice what I preach.

Doing my morning and evening routines, before responding to any messages or communications will ensure I’ve taken care of myself in a way that can then help you better!

9. I will respect my boundaries

I was expecting to get some trolls on social media, but I wasn’t expecting these trolls to be apart of the Endo community. To protect myself from being hurt, taken advantage of or made to feel like I should quit what I’m doing – I have set some healthy boundaries.

a) While I’m here to help, please remember I am a girl trying to recover from a rather intense (and still ongoing) chronic Endo flare up, that’s been going for almost 3 years now.
I will happily answer any questions you have or chat to you about anything I post about, however, I will not tolerate being treated like a personal medical assistant, therapist, google or a venting board for negative experiences.

b) If you ask me a question you can google, I will ignore you. Sorry, but I’m literally pulling 16 hour days for the blog lately and I simply don’t have the time.

c) If you share something of mine, (or any other creative person’s) you need to give credit where its due.
Digital theft is theft like anything else and will simply not be tolerated.

If I think you’ve simply made a mistake, I will send a kind message with a reminder to tag. I’ve thought about this for a while and I’ve decided I need to do this to set a good standard for not only myself, but all online /digital creatives as well.

If I can see that you have intentionally stolen something of mine to try and get a reaction out of me, (yepppppp these girls are out there, *eye roll*) you will be blocked immediately.

In saying that, please don’t feel you can’t share my stuff! I’d just like to ask you give me, (and others) the respect of a heads-up first 🙂