BB’s Journal

BB's Endo "Journal" Header Image (BB Journalling on bed)

Hey Queen!

Thanks for checking in 🙂

Journalling is a great way to keep track of your Endo symptoms over time, and I honestly wished I had started things a long time ago!

Pinterest has some great inspiration for journaling, while the “Flutter” and “Phendo” apps both track your periods and symptoms, while also providing endo-specific resources.

They’re also both free to download and easy to use.

As I’m typing this, I haven’t quite finalised what my new endo journal will look like and exactly what I’ll be recording.

I’ll make sure I update this page with a list of things I’m tracking along with the first journal post next week 🙂

In the meantime, what are your favourite/most useful things to record in your journal? Do you have a personal journal, health journal or both? I’d love to know!

Sending love, hugs and pain-free days