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One of the main difference between Endometriosis and “period pain” is that Endo doesn’t care when your period is.

It doesn’t care what your mum’s, sister’s, or best fiend’s symptoms are – or even what the doctor tells you they should be.

It affects everyone so differently, which can leave us feeling alone, hopeless and helpless at the best of times.

But, never fear! With a bit of PROPER planning between you and your doctor, we can get a plan of action under-way for you.

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If you haven’t already, head to your GP and get a Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program).
It’s a government/Medicare funded scheme that gets you into some specialists, bulk-billed, for up to 5 appointments.

I chose to have 2 x sessions with a dietician and 3 x sessions with a physio, (which I’m planning to start after the pain clinic) but you should consult with your GP about what’s best for you.

After that’s been organised for you, get a referral to a gyno (they can then refer you to surgery – public* or private) and also a referral to a pain clinic**.
If you’re already on one or both of these lists – send another. The more referrals they receive – the harder it will be for them to turn you away.

*Note: If you go on the waitlist for the public clinic, you will be waiting for another gyno appointment (at the hospital) and they decide if you get surgery or not)
**Hopefully there’s a public clinic close by – if not, I’ll be sharing all my Pain Clinic sessions/info/treatments on the “Journal” tab

Secondly, know you can always get more help.

If you haven’t been treated fairly, you can take it further with the Patient Liaison Team.

It’s all too easy to let it go and give up – but your health is more important than anything. What’s more of a bombshell is no one else is going to do it for you – even the people you love, (sorry. It’s not their fault either though, so try not to blame them).

Most importantly know you aren’t alone, it’s NOT all in your head and you have a RIGHT to medical treatment.

If you are having trouble finding a support group, there’s already one waiting for you!
Endometriosis Support Australia is a Facebook support group filled with women who understand your pain and struggles.

I’ve been on that page myself for about a year and I’ve received so much support, advice, laughs, tips, news, helpful resources – you name it! It’s literally been a life saver for me!

Thirdly, (I know you’ll probably want to punch me through the screen for this) remember mindset is EVERYTHING.

As much as your pain is 100% real and NOT in your head – pain and the brain can be really tricky things.

Getting on top of pain early with medications, relaxing your body, and being in an environment that makes you feel relaxed/stimulated/inspired can really help with perseverance.

It’s not going to take your pain away, but if you can distract yourself with something you enjoy instead of laying down all day thinking “I can’t do this” – I guarantee you’ll have a better time. So will your stress/cortisol levels – and thus your uterus!

Finally, remember you can always reach out on FB, Insta or email, bianca.bbsendo@gmail.com.

In the meantime, if animal videos are your thing, enter #animals into the search of the BB’s Endo Facebook Page – you’re welcome.

Make sure you check out the articles in this section for extra tips, tricks and relief for Endometriosis Pain and Symptoms too. (Click on S.M.U. in the above menu – don’t bother dropping down to anything).

I really hope you feel better soon beautiful!

Sending lots of love and hugs xxxxxxxxxx